Repossession Rescue 

The UK's Only Network dedicated to helping homeowners and investors at risk of losing their properties, get the help they need so they can start afresh, repair their credit and be debt-free.

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The Story Behind Our Business

Hi, I'm Trish, Founder of Repossession Rescue Network. Thanks for stopping by.
Let me tell you how we got started. More importantly, why.
Back in the 1990’s I looked like I had it all.  A perfect home. New baby. Family life. Great job.  But behind closed doors my relationship was crumbling and my finances were shot to bits.
When my marriage ended, the continual strain and financial problems deepened. On a night when it became too much I tried to kill myself.
It took me over 10 years to rebuild my life. 
I left the NHS and became involved in property.  But I've never forgotten where I came from. 
I swore when I got the chance, I'd help people just like me. And that's why I set up Repossession Rescue. 
I've learned a lot since those early days.  I know from experience property people are amongst the most generous and creative folks around. I know they can come up with solutions to lots of property problems.  And I know many have faced the same issues as me.  So I want to help harness that as a force for good in the world.
With the right information we can literally change lives. 
So many people want and need help. But they need to know who to trust.
With Repossession Rescue we've created a safe place for homeowners and investors who need help. 
You can be part of this huge change.  Firstly by joining our Foundation Programme which teaches you how to help people.
You can also get involved in our Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) - which specialises in buying properties where people need a fast sale at a fair price.  
And if you're ready to really commit to making a difference, you can become part of our trusted national network, helping homeowners and investors who need a solution.


Help For Property Professionals 


Our Foundation Training covers everything you need to help you work with sellers in distress.  

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If you're a property professional dealing with a seller who needs help, book a private consult here.

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