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'The Property Doctor' with a huge heart  

Repossession Rescue Network couldn't be prouder of having Andrew on board as a Founding Partner.

It's Andrew's passion as a property investor, coupled with his personal experience and professional understanding as a General Practitioner that makes him such a perfect fit for our vision and our mission.

And his infectious sense of humour makes our work so much easier in those tough times.

About Andrew  

I originate from the West Riding of Yorkshire - specifically Saddleworth, which is known for less than pleasant reasons. During my childhood I moved around an awful lot with long periods being spent all over the UK including Ayrshire, Scotland where I spent some of my time in Primary School.
From a very working class background I was never motivated by exams but my parents instilled in me a need to ‘be better’, and I had a knack of being able to do just enough in  an exam to get to where I wanted to be. Next thing you know I ended up at Medical School in London - St Bartholomew’s and The Royal London where I spent several years drinking and playing guitar before qualifying in 2003.
I moved to the North East in 2004 with my first wife to pursue a surgical career. The marriage disintegrated quickly and in 2009 I found myself with lots of debt and divorced. Soon after I met the love of my life, Nicola, who patched up my mental health and was the motivation I needed to sort out my finances and be someone to make her proud.
I moved into General Practice in the Teesside area and have been a Partner in a couple of practices over the last 12 years or so.
I realised that I had a passion for business which wasn’t being met in medicine and so began my property career. My family runs Corner Plot Properties and Corner Plot Getaways. We essentially redevelop properties into fantastic places for people to live or stay on holiday/workation.
Due to my passion for helping others, in 2022 I was appointed as a Repossession Rescue Official Partner as the mission for helping those in financial distress and under significant mental strain resonated with me loudly - after all I have personal experience in this.
I host The Property Doctor Podcast which is available on all major platforms.

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